Want an easy way to quickly introduce people to our community? The ‘Who are the Sikhs?’ poster provides a quick look into who Sikhs are, including our beliefs, history in America, and fun facts. The posters are easy to read, and they are the perfect resource for informing others, especially young people, about our community….

There are so many different words we could use to describe the character of Guru Nanak – revolutionary, prophet, equal rights advocate, visionary, feminist. Yet labels fail to account for who he was as a person and the impact that he had – and that he continues to have – on the world around him….

I – NEVER FORGET THE POOR This mantra was relevant in 1500 when there was no concept of poverty alleviation, and is just as relevant now, when poverty hasn’t left the world. When Nanak was 12, his father gave him Rs. 20 to set up a business. Nanak bought food worth Rs. 20 and gave…

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