Langar Sewa

Langar is the name given to free community kitchen run by the Sikh Gurus and their followers. It is known as Guru-Ka-Langar. It is served to everybody without any consideration of caste, color, creed and status in the society. It is an important institution in Sikhi. When Guru Nanak Sahib started the tradition of Langar upon his return to Kartarpur, it was meant to be in its literal meaning: the “Anchor” to bind the community together under the principle of vand chhakna  –  “share your blessings”.

It was to be simple fare of produce and water which would not only satiate the basic dietary need of the visitors, but of the needy, the servers and the Guru alike in their physical, mental and spiritual quest. Guru ka Langar, since then, has embarked on its journey enriched by the sweetness of Mata Khivi, the dedication of Bhai Manjh, the humility of Emperor Akbar, and the revival of the true spirit of the principle of Langar by Bhai Nand Lal Ji.

Whatever the transformation, the basic ideals have remained the same today. Langar is, by definition, simple. It is there for everyone to partake. Needy people know where to go to satisfy their hunger if they can not provide for their family. And, it brings the entire community together. Let us make our Gurdwara exemplary model that anchors the community, revives our physical, mental and spiritual bodies, and caters to the needy – with eco-friendly, nutritious and simple meals.

Information about Sponsoring Langar at Gurdwara Sahib:

  • The Langar must be fresh, simple and Nutritious
  • The Langar must be served after performing Ardas
  • The Langar must be distributed without any discrimination

Amandeep Singh and Guriqbal Singh are the Langari’s (Cooks) for the Gurdwara. They lead the Langar preparations with the help of the Langar Sponsoring family. Below is a list of groceries and the quantity of supplies needed for Sunday Langar only. Langar Sponsoring family can buy the groceries from any place of their choice. Please note Gurdwara does not provide any catering services nor can Langar staff provide or offer any catering services. If Family likes to get the catering services for their program, they can call any local Restaurant to get their services.

Shopping List (Serves about 1200 people):
Paper Lunch trays (Do not buy Styrofoam plates) 3 boxes (1,500 total)
Cups (10 oz.) 2 boxes (2,000 total)
Onions 50 Ib bag (2 bags total)
Serrano Green Chilies 2 boxes
Tomato Paste or Puree 2 gallons
Costco Shopping List:
Water bottles (8 oz.) 16 Cases
Milk 36 Gallons
Sugar 50 lbs.
Salt 1 Bag
Tea Bags 2 Boxes
Garlic 2 Bags
Black Pepper 1 Jar
Soya Cooking Oil 2 Big Cans (35lbs each)
Unsalted Butter 28 lbs.
Rice 50 lbs.
Paper towel (For Kitchen) 1 Box
Foil Paper 1 Big Box
Trash Bags (45 gallon) 1 Box
Hand Soap 1 Gallon
Pine Sol 1 Gallon
Toilet Paper 1 Box
Multi Fold Paper Towels (For Bathrooms) 1 Box
Dishwasher Detergent 1 Gallon
Ajax 1 Package
Napkins 1 Case (4 packages)
Spoons 4 Boxes
Snack Plates 1,200 (total)
Indian Grocery List :
Royal Flour 6 Bags
Parshad flour (brown bag) 1 Bag
Dal 40 lbs.
Ginger 1 Box
Haldi 2 lbs.
Dhania Powder 2 lbs.
Jeera 2 lbs.
Paprika (Degi Mirch Powder) 1 Box
Black Salt 2 lbs.
Green Elachi 1 Package
Fennel Seed 1 Package
Boondi (For Raita) 2 Packages
Kastoori Methi 1 Box
Chunky Chat Masala 1 Big Box
MDH Kitchen King (Blend of Spices) 1 Big Box