Our Mission

The Sikh Association of Fresno is a community based, a non-profit organization, which was established in 1986 to build a stronger Sikh Community that will contribute positively to the Society and Sikh Diaspora living in the western world. The Association treasures the ethos and principles of the Sikh Heritage and Culture that steered Sikhs away from the ill facets of life that Sikhism did not stand for.

Sardar Harbans Singh in his iconic work, The Heritage of the Sikhs, writes, that Singh Sabha movement which began in the late 19th century, influenced the entire Sikh Community and reoriented its outlook and spirit. “Since the days of the Gurus, nothing so vital had transpired to fertilize the consciousness of the Sikhs. The Singh Sabha by leavening the intellectual and cultural processes brought a new dimension to the inner life of the community and enlarged its heritage…it marked a turning point in Sikh history. It touched Sikhi to its very roots and made it a living force once again. The stimulus it provided has shaped the Sikhs’ attitude and aspiration over the past one hundred years.” The Sikh Association and its leadership believe in carrying forward these principles. In its own humble way, the management of the Association is determined to play a pivotal role in the spread of Gurbani, Punjabi language, Culture, Sikh history and traditions among all walks of life.

The Sikh Institute at this new location was a vision that has come true for today’s Sikhs and will be a source of pride for the generations to come. It is a place for Learning, for Gathering, and for Celebration of our history and culture. This is an Institute that provides spiritual guidance for a better life and celebrates the special days in the Sikh history. It strives to provide inspiration and purpose to our children and families and tries to fulfill the growing needs of our elderly. This Institute stands as a symbol of a constantly evolving community and expects to play an important role in the larger Fresno community and unite with the Sikh Sangat everywhere. The impressive structure of the Sikh Institute includes the Gurdwara Sahib main Diwan hall, a spacious langar hall, 8 classrooms to teach Sikh History and Punjabi classes to our over 250 enrolled students, meeting rooms, and a sprawling grounds to hold sports and cultural days.

The management of the Sikh Association welcomes everyone who would like to associate himself/herself with the programs of the Sikh Association so that the baton of the Sikh ethics enshrined in the Gurbani and Sikh History could be passed on to the next generation.

The first phase of this multi-phased project is complete. An amount of over ten million dollars have already been spent on the first phase of this grand project. The Sikh Association is in need of more funds to complete the second phase, which includes the Kitchen Project and Senior Citizen Homes. With your timely help, financial contribution, and moral support, we will make this a dream come true.